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Thieves Guild Quests

You need to join the Thieves Guild is Balmora. See Sugar-Lips Habasi in the South Wall Corner Club. The favored skills for the Thieves Guild are: Marksman, Short Blade, Light Armor, Acrobatics, Sneak, Security. The two favored stats are Agility and Personality. In most cases there is more than one way to complete a quest and when I know of more than one way, I'll describe them all.

Sugar-Lips Habasi's Quests (South Wall Corner Club, Balmora)

  • Get a Diamond
    Sugar-Lips Habasi tells you that a friend wants a diamond. She asks you to get her one and tells you that she thinks Nalcarya of White Haven, the alchemist, here in Balmora has diamonds, but any diamond will do. There are a bunch of ways to do this quest. If you have spent time just exploring Vvardenfell, you may have come across a diamond in your travels. If you have one, give it to her.

    If you don't have a diamond, go to Nalcarya's shop. If you are facing the stairs up to the Temple, turn left and go up the stairs there. The alchemist shop is the first one on the right at the top of the stairs. Now that you are here, there are three things you can do. First, go upstairs and pick the lock on the small chest over her bed. 1) There are three diamonds in that chest. Take one for Sugar-Lips and help yourself to the other two. Just don't try to sell them back to Nalcarya. She'll recognize them and you'll get pinched. 2) There are two or more diamonds sitting on a shelf in front of Nalcarya. If you are really good at Sneak, or have strong chameleon spells or items, try to take one. Not likely, but I suppose it's always possible. 3) Buy a diamond from Nalcarya (or anyone else) and pay for it the usual way.

    When you bring her the diamond, Sugar-Lips will give you an Exclusive Invisibility potion.

  • Get the Key to Nerano Manor
    The next thing Sugar-Lips asks for is the key to the top floor of Nerano Manor. She tells you that there are two people who would probably have a key. One is Ondres Nerano, but it may be easier to get the key from his servant, Sovor Trandel who hangs out at the Balmora Council Club. There are actually three quests involving Savor Trandel. If you play your cards right, you can kill him once and complete all three quests. First of all, if you've talked to any of the people around Balmora, you might have heard that Larrius Varro at Fort Moonmoth wants to talk to you. Turns out that Sovor is one of the "bad people" and you can bet that he really is bad, because the third quest involves the murder of Ralen Hlaalo. This is actually a House Hlaalu quest, but if you can manage to break into the Hlaalo manor and find Ralen's body, you can get the quest without belonging to House Hlaalu, or get the quest sooner if you do belong. So, to recap, Sovor has the key for Nerano manor, he's one of the "bad people" and he's also the murderer of Ralen Hlaalo. I say taunt the creep and kill him. You'll be doing Balmora a favor.

    Once you have the key, you can take it directly back to Sugar-Lips or take a stroll over to Nerano Manor and look around yourself first. When you give the key to Sugar-Lips, she'll give you 500 gold.

  • Retrieve the Dwemer Artifacts
    It seems that Ra'Zhid at Fatleg's Drop Off in Hla Oad promised to deliver some Dwemer artifacts to the Thieves Guild and he hasn't shown up as promised. Sugar-Lips asks you to get the Dwemer tube, Dwemer goblet, and Dwemer bowl from him any way necessary.

    You can walk to Hla Oad, or you can travel to Vivec by Mage Guide, go to the dock on the mainland near the Foreign Quarter and go to Hla Oad by boat. The boat from the dock at Ebonheart also goes to Hla Oad. Once you're there, it isn't difficult to find Fatleg's Drop Off. I tried admiring, intimidating and bribing the guy but I ended up having to kill him. I probably could have just stolen the artifacts from him, but I didn't think of it at the time. The things are located in a chest (lock level 35) against the wall. If you kill him, you'll still have to watch for the woman in the other corner of the room. Even though the chest doesn't belong to her, she'll attack you if she catches you.

    When you take the items back to Sugar-Lips, she'll give you two Master Lockpicks, two Journeyman's Probes, and a Journeyman's Hammer.

  • Get the Vintage Brandy
    Remember good old Ralen Hlaalo? It seems he left more than his corpse behind. Sugar-Lips asks you to get a bottle of vintage brandy from Ralen's house. By now you've probably broken into Hlaalo Manor. Go back and get the bottle of brandy on the shelf in the room where Ralen's body is (or was) and take it to Sugar-Lips. Hope you didn't already sell it. By the way, note the difference in the name? Ralen Hlaalo and House Hlaalu?

    House Hlaalo, for those of you who haven't found it yet, is next to the Western Guard Tower North. The easiest way to get in (in my opinion) is to jump from the steps of the Guard Tower to the balcony on the second floor of Hlaalo Manor. The door is locked (level 35 or 40) but, since it's on the second floor, nobody will see you pick it! Once inside, go downstairs where you will find Ralen's body and a bunch of shelves. The brandy is hidden amongst a bunch of empty bottles on the top shelf of one of the bookcases.

    Sugar-Lips will thank you for the brandy and give you 1000 gold for it. Must be valuable stuff. Just any bottle of brandy won't do by the way. You have to have the bottle from Ralen's house. I ready somewhere that there is another bottle of vintage brandy in the house, but I haven't seen it myself.

  • Free New-Shoes Bragor
    A fellow guild member is being held in Fort Pelagiad. Sugar-Lips tells you that the best way to get New-Shoes released is to blackmail Shadbak gra-Burbug, a guard in Fort Pelagiad. She tells you that she heard that Mebestien Ence is secretly smuggling Dwemer artifacts and bribing Shadbak to overlook the crime. She tells you that you should steal an artifact from Mebestien and show it to Shadbak.

    There is a small locked chest upstairs in Mebestien's shop. Pick the lock (lock level ?) and take the Dwemer Coherer from the chest and show it to Shadbak. When you show it to him, he gives himself away when he asks if you stole it from Mebestien. He'll release Sugar-Lips in exchange for your silence. Of course, he doesn't like you too much after that!

    When you report to Sugar-Lips, she'll reward you with 1,000 gold and you'll get to keep the artifact. Of course, you shouldn't try to sell it to Mebestien!

  • Secure the South Wall
    Now Sugar-Lips asks you to help her secure the South Wall. She tells you that she knows about a security expert who lives in Balmora, but she doesn't know his name, only that he is an Altmer. There aren't many Altmers in Balmora. By luck, I found Hecerinde first. He's in the house at the north end of the row of houses on the east bank of the river.

    It isn't hard to get him to agree. Just talk to him about "South Wall" and he'll say he should have taken care of it already. Sugar-Lips gives you her thanks and offers to clear any price on your head (for free?) but you don't get any tangible reward.

    NOTE: This is the last quest from Sugar-Lips.

Big Helende's Quests (Dirty Muriel's Corner Club, Sadrith Mora)

  • Dispel Potion Recipe
    Big Helende, the Sadrith Mora head of the Thieves Guild, told me that Tusamircil wants a good recipe for a Dispel potion. She suggests that I look at Anis Seloth's shop.

    Yes, it is there. The potion is easy to steal too, because it is in a crate in the upper level of the shop. Nobody can see you take it! Once you have it, deliver the potion to Tusamircil in the Mages Guild in Wolverine Hall. To get to the Mages Guild, cross the bridge to Wolverine Hall, turn left and go up the stairs. Enter the door at the very top. This is the Imperial Shrine. Exit the door on the wall to your left, go up one flight of stairs and enter the door to the Mages Guild.

    When you report to Big Helende, you'll get 500 gold for the job.

  • Grandmaster's Retort
    Now Big Helende asks for a Grandmaster's Retort. She tells you that Berwen the Trader in Tel Mora has a Grandmaster's Retort, but that any Grandmaster's Retort you can find, buy, or steal will do.

    I didn't even bother to check on this one. I had already found a Grandmaster's Retort, so I just gave it to her. You'll get a 200 gold piece reward.

  • Hire a Mage
    Big Helende is concerned about the Comonna Tong. She wants you to go to Wolverine Hall and hire a wizard to Defend Dirty Muriel's Corner Club.

    Go to the Wolverine Hall Mages Guild and talk to Arielle Phieneel. He'll agree to send a wizard, but only if you get him four pieces of raw ebony that he needs for an experiment. If you ask for clarification, he'll tell you that he doesn't care where you get it from. Buy it, mine it, steal it, just get it.

    The closest source of raw ebony is Anis Seloth's shop. Trouble is, I checked out the shop and the ebony is in a locked chest directly in front of her and next to a guard. I wimped out and bought it, since I had no good objects enchanted with chameleon. (If somebody knows of a reliable location where you can steal, or just find, ebony that doesn't involve a complicated trip, please let me know at:

    When you give the ebony to Arielle, she tells you that she is going to send the Battlemage, Natalinus Flavonius. What do you know? When you get back to Dirty Muriel's, he's already there. Big Helende gives you a Dire Shardblade Ring which does 5 to 11 points of frost damage on target.

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