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Seyda Neen Quests

Seyda Neen is the first town that you will visit when you reach Morrowind. There aren't many quests that originate here, but there are a few. Except for the first quest listed here, none of these quests involve any guilds, houses, or the main storyline.

  • Deliver Packet to Caius Cosades

  • Find Fargoth's Ring
    One of the first people you meet in Seyda Neen is a funny little Bosmer named Fargoth. If you talk to him, he complains about the Imperials and tells you that he suspects they stole his ring.

    It just so happens that you find a magical ring of Health in a barrel next to the entrance to the Census and Excise Office that's off the little walled courtyard. You have a choice. You can tell him you found the ring and give it back to him, or you can lie and tell him you haven't seen a ring.

    I suggest you tell him you found the ring. If you give it back, he will like you a lot (his disposition might even hit 100) and he will put in a good word for you with Arrille the Trader. Besides, you'll have a chance to get the ring back later on, so why be greedy now?

  • Mystery of the Tax Collector
    If you ask about the latest rumors around town, you will eventually hear that the tax collector, Proccessus Vitellius is missing. Seems he's not well liked around town.

    As you explore the area surrounding Seyda Neen, you'll find the body of Processus Vitellius on a spit of land to the west of town. Cross the little bridge to the Northwest and then travel directly west. You'll reach a spot where there is a swampy area on your right and a narrow path between some large boulders on your left. Follow the path. The body is under a large tree. You need to take the 200 gold pieces and the tax rolls from his corpse. Take his clothes if you want to, but I never had the heart to leave him there naked.

    When you go back to town, anybody you talk to about the murder will tell you that it's up to you, but maybe you should tell the Imperials. The Guards will suggest that you tell Socucius Ergalla, the guy who asked you about your class and birth sign and gave you your release papers.

    When you talk to Socucious, tell him about the "murder of Processus Vitellius" and he'll ask if he had any money on him. If you tell him the truth, he'll ask you to bring the murderer to justice and says if you do, you'll be rewarded with 500 gold. If you lie and say Processus had no money, the quest ends there.

    Once you've been asked to find Processus' murderer, ask around town about the murder and you'll be told that the only person who could stand to spend any time with him is Thavere Vedrano at the Seyda Neen lighthouse. When you talk to her about the murder, she will tell you what a nice man Processus was and furthermore, she only saw him get mad once. If you ask about it, she'll tell you that Processus was talking to Foryn Gilnith.

    Now you've got a lead you can use. Go talk to Foryn. You can find him in his hut down near the water behind the trade house. When you mention the murder to him, he immediately admits it, but he says that Processus deserved it because he was skimming off the top. You have two choices at this point. Tell him that you agree, it isn't right or tell him that no matter what Processus did, it doesn't excuse murder and his fate has been sealed.

    If you agree with him, he'll give you Processus' ring. At least, he gave it to me, but I don't know what happens after that. If somebody finds out, let me know.

    If you tell him his fate is sealed, he'll fight you to the death. He's not too hard to kill. Be careful though, because if your endurance is not high enough to give you a fairly high amount of energy, you can get fatigued. At that point he'll knock you down and you'll be lucky if you can get up again. After he's dead, you can use his house to store things and use his hammock to rest in. You'll find Processus' ring on the body. Take it to Thavere and she'll give you two standard health potions.


  • Find Fargoth's Hiding Place
    Hrisskar, the guy at the top of the stairs in Arrille's Trade House, asks you to recover some money for him. He thinks that Fargoth has been holding out on him. He says he's looked in Fargoth's house and didn't find anything. He suggests that you watch from the top of the lighthouse and see what Fargoth does tonight. If your character is particularly law abiding or has a soft spot in his or her heart for the underdog, you might want to skip this quest. Basically Hrisskar has had some severe gambling losses lately and is shaking down the townspeople to try to make it back.

    If you do as he suggested, you will see Fargoth sneaking around. He'll come wandering along with a torch. Eventually he'll go into the little swampy area in the center of the shacks behind the Trade House. After he goes away, go down and check the hollow tree trunk in the center of the swampy area. You'll find 300 gold, Fargoth's ring of healing and a Journeyman's Lockpick.

    Report to Hrisskar and he'll be overjoyed. He'll take the 300 gold and give 100 of it back to you. In addition, he tells you that you can keep whatever else you found in the hiding place. The 100 gold, the ring, and the lockpick all come in handy, so the decisions is yours.

  • Help out Vodunius Nuccius
    If you talk to Vodunius Nuccius, he'll tell you that the best way to travel to Balmora is by silt strider. He implies that you'll get a better price if you mention his name to Darvame Hleron at the silt strider port. If you do, she'll tell you that Vodunius often sends him business. He'll also tell you that she thinks Vodunius isn't really happy in Seyda Neen.

    Go back and talk to Vodunius about what she said. I think you just need to select his (Vodunius') name. He'll tell you that Darvame is right. He'd love to go back home but he hasn't had a chance. Then he tells you about the cursed ring he has and asks if you would care to buy it for 100 gold. If you feel sorry for him, buy the ring. You can sell it to Arrille or keep it and sell it to Creeper when you get to Calderra.

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