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Bitter Coast Quests

The Bitter Coast is the region surrounding the starting town of Seyda Neen. It is a region filled with both danger and beauty. Principle towns in this region are Seyda Neen, Hla Oad, and Gnaar Mok. I have only listed quests that originate in the wilderness areas outside the towns on this page. Town quests can be found on their individual pages.

  • "Catch" Tarhiel
    Follow the road that heads northwest from Seyda Neen. After you have walked for a short while you will suddenly hear a scream and if you look up quickly enough, you will see someone falling from the sky! After he staggers a time or two and collapses, you can loot his corpse to find out that his name is Tarhiel. He is carrying:

    7 gold, an Iron Sparksword (Chop 2-13, Slash 1-18, Thrust 4-16, 1 to 4 points shock damage on strike, weight: 20 lbs., Value: 62gp.) This is a good starting weapon for those with Long Blade skill by the way. He also has three scrolls of Icarian Flight (Value 119, Fortify Acrobatics 1000 points for 7 seconds on self.) and his journal. Tarhiel's Journal (Value 50) explains what led to his demise. I won't ruin it by telling you. Read it yourself. It's really rather funny and ironic.

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