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Blades Quests

The Blades is the guild that will send you on the quests to fulfill the main storyline.

  • Deliver Packet to Caius Cosades
    This is the first quest you will receive in the game. It is the one that will set the main storyline in motion. When you talk to Sellus Gravius in the Customs House, he will give you a packet of encoded papers to deliver to Caius Cosades in Balmora. If you ask about Caius, he will tell you that he isn't certain where Caius lives, but he's sure you can find out if you ask around Balmora.

    When you get around to going to Balmora, you will be directed to the South Wall Corner Club. To get there from the silt strider platform, cross the river and go through the opening between the first line of houses. The South Wall Corner Club is the first building in the next row, at the southern end of the line of buildings.

    If you ask the people inside, they will direct you to the owner of the club and he will tell you that you can find Caius if you go up the steps right outside and then go to the building on the north end of the street.

    You'll know you've found the right place if you find a bare-chested guy standing around. Tell him you've been sent to talk to him and then give him the packet. He'll induct you into the Blades, the Emperor's guild of spies. Then he'll give you 200 gold and tell you to go buy some good weapons and armor and get some experience by either joining one of the guilds or doing freelance work. I haven't tried it, but I suspect that if you put off your first visit to Caius long enough, he'll just start giving you orders instead.

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