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Pelagiad Quests

Ahnassi's Quests
If your character is male, you will have an opportunity to make friends with a Khajiit named Ahnassi in the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad. She seems to have the hots for you and wants to get friendly. If you agree, she'll tell you about a woman named Hrordis who in the room upstairs at the Halfway Tavern. When you reach the top of the steps, turn right. You'll be facing two doors. Hrordis is in the room on the right. She has a magic belt and worships Mehrunes Dagon.

  • Take Care of Bad Man
    If you do, she'll ask you to share a gift, share a care. The gift may vary, but my character was given a copy of the Thieve's Handbook, Honor Among Thieves. Offer to "share a care" and she will tell you about this bad man who has her upset. Seems that Daren Adryn has threatened Ahnassi. You can find him in Rotheran#'s Shack in Gnaar Mok.

    You can get to Gnaar Mok several ways:

    Continue towards Balmora from Pelagiad. You'll come to a place where there is a three-way intersection. The path that goes west will take you to the Odai River. Follow the river to the South. You'll come to a bridge that will take you to the west bank. Continue along the path to the west and you'll reach Hla Oad. From there you can take a boat to Gnaar Mok.

    Go to Ebonheart on foot by heading back towards Seyda Neen. At the intersection where you would turn southwest to go to Seyda Neen, turn southeast and follow the road to Ebonheart. Then you'll have to go by boat to Hla Oad and then to Gnaar Mok.

    Go to Caldera from either the Balmora or Vivec mage guild guide. From Caldera walk west to the coast. You do have to go through the mountains that way and are therefore much more likely to run into cliff racers.

    Once you are there, you can taunt him into attacking fairly easily if you have a halfway decent Speechcraft skill. Be careful though. Once he attacks, then everbody else in the shack will attack you as well. There's not much worth taking here, mostly alchemical ingredients.

    When you get back to Ahnassi, she will tell you about Beldrose Dralor who has a special key to special chests in the Redoran Treasury (at the Redoran Compound# in Vivec.) She tell you that he hides the key in his wife's clothes chest in his manor on the tier-top of Redoran Compound. She'll also give you another gift. She gave me an exquisite shirt, exquisite pants, and the book 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 30. She'll tell you that you are a special friend. Then she'll do the share a gift, share a care thing again and ask you for another favor.

  • Get Ahnassi's Mate off Skooma
    It seems that Ahnassi has a mate. Even though she doesn't love him any more, she does care about him enough to ask you to try to get him off the skooma. His name is J'Dhannar and he lives in the St. Olms Canton. She explains that she knows there's no way to get off skooma, once you're addicted, but asks you to try anyway.

    It so happened that I talked to Ladia Flarugrius again right after Ahnassi made her request. Since "cure skooma addict" came up as a topic, I asked. She told me that all Khajiit know you can't cure a skooma addict, but that she'd heard about a book called, Confessions of a Dunmer Skooma Eater and suggest that you try Jobasha's Rare Books in Vivec's Foreign Quarter. Good news, because you have to go to Vivec to find him anyway.

    I did find the book at Jobasha's. The shop is in the Foreign Quarter lower waistworks. I don't know if it's actually hidden, or if I didn't find it, but I didn't see it on the shelves so I had to ask Jobasha about it and buy it.

    You'll find J'Dhannar in the canal works of St. Olms Canton. St. Olms is directly south of the Vivec Arena and you can get to the arena by catching the boat in the northwest corner of the Foreign Quarter. When you find J'Dhannar, he'll accept the book from you (good thing I bought it) and tell you to give Ahnassi a message that basically says thanks for the concern and we're not quits for good. I don't want to quote him and ruin things for you, you'll have to go hear it yourself.

    When you return to Pelgiad, Ahnassi has already heard the news. She is extremely grateful and gives you the key to her house so you can meet there instead of at the Halfway Tavern. You now have a place to rest and store things right in Pelagiad. Ahnassi has a large house with two stories. It's quite cozy, and she's willing to share it with you!

  • Bring Ahnassi Flowers
    When you visit Ahnassi in her house, she'll tell you about a friend of hers, Senyndie, who trains fighters in the Vivec Areana. Seems that she is a secret master of Acrobatics. At this point, if you click on the share a gift topic, she'll tell you that it's your turn to give her a gift. She asks for two flowers: a Coda flower for Ahnassi, and a Gold Kanet for yourself. Gold Kanet is available all over the Ascadian Isles region and Coda flowers grow on the glowing blue plants that grow in the mucky areas all over around Seyda Neen. In fact, there's a plant in one of the swampy, mucky areas near the lighthouse. I don't remember whether the coda flowers come from the opened or closed part of the plant, so check both.

    When you bring her the flowers, she'll take the Coda flower and tell you that you should cherish the Gold Kanet as a reminder of your friendship.

  • Get the Flamemirror Robe
    Ahnassi has heard that Mavon Drenim has a flamemirror robe. He keeps it in his clothes closet in the Telvani Tower in Vivec. The tower is located in the top level of the Telvani Compound. When you go inside, you want to enter the circular room in the center of the tower. Directly opposite the doors, are a pair of staircases. They actually meet in the middle on the side of the room above. Go up either flight.

    It's a good idea to use invisibility or chameleon to get across the room. When I did this quest, I used invisibility (all I had) and when I got there I went into sneak mode. I don't know if mages have some kind of extra sense or what. Even though the icon told me I wasn't seen, he knew as soon as I took the cloak. Of course chameleon would have been better since I wouldn't have become invisible as soon as I took the robe! Anyway, I had prepared ahead of time. My thief has enough ability with mysticism to use Mark and Recall and I set my mark right outside Ahnassi's house. Surprisingly, even though the guy knew I took his robe and was throwing some kind of nasty spells at me, there was no price on my head.

    Ahnassi wanted the robe for herself, of course. Give it to her. Of all characters in the game, thieves should be least concerned about valuables. After all, you can always steal more, can't you? Besides, you'll get a more valuable gift in return 20 ebony throwing stars worth 2,000 gold each. At least, that's what she gave me.

  • Get Elvul's Black Blindfold
    Being friends with Ahnassi isn't easy. The next thing she wants you to do is get Elvul's Black Blindfold for her. She says the easiest way to get it is to enter Ebonheart through the secret underwater passage. She says that way the guards won't bother you. Elvul's Black Blindfold is a glove that will blind and confuse an opponent by

    There are two entrances to the underwater cavern beneath Ebonhears. As you face the bridge that crosses from the dock area and comes out by the inn, you'll see a short flight of steps on either side of the bridge going down to the water. If you go down either flight of stairs and follow the moat around to the back of the building, you'll find the two entrances below the waterline on the corners. I suggest you take the stairs to the right. Once you get inside, you'll have to fight a few diseased rats, but there's nothing else serious near this entrance. Follow the passage until you reach an intersection. If you go to the right, you'll hit a dead end. It's worth searching here though because there's a glass short blade (Glass Jinkblade, paralyze 10 sec. Value: 6500) on the ground hidden behind the mushrooms.

    NOTE: There is another quest that will get you a key to the hidden door into Ebonheart and I think it also works on the room where the gloves are located. If you want the key, go into the Imperial Legion Garrison. To get there, turn right as you enter Ebonheart Castle from the docks. Go through the door to the Imperial Commission. Once inside, go through the door on the left (west) wall. Once in the Imperial Legon Garrison, go down the steps on the west wall. At the bottom of the stairs, are doors to four small rooms. Enter the first room on the left and look under the pillow. You'll find a "worn Imperial key." That's the one you want.  If you don't have the key, I suggest you don't even try this one until you either have a high security skill or the lock basher scroll. You'll need them. The lock levels I give in this section might not be 100% accurate, since I was too stupid to think to write them down, but I'm sure they're close (within 10).

    I'm not trying to be vague about that quest, but I don't have the details. I do know that you find the key under the pillow of a guy who has disappeared and that he's suspected of being the one who took the Lord's Mail. Their suspicions are correct, by the way. Not only is he the one who took the mail, if you go straight instead of left or right at the intersection or if you use the other entrance to the underwater cavern, you get to meet him. He's wearing the Lord's armor and is a formidable foe. If you you want right now is the glove

    If you turn left (go straight if you just picked up the Jinkblade), you'll find a door leading into the castle. This door isn't locked. When you go through the door, it looks like you've reached a dead end. Don't despair, there's a secret door. The lock level on it is 90, but the key you'll find by following the Lord's Mail quest works here. The secret door leads to a small room with an altar in it. This room is the Imperial Shrine, and it's part of the Imperial Commission. I found a pair of Imperial Steel Boots, an Imperial Steel Helmet, an Imperial Shield, and an Imperial Broadsword. There is a locked door here (90 or 100, I think) and it leads to the Imperial Commission.

    When you go through this door, you will be in a large room within the Imperial Commission you are actually downstairs from the room that you went through to get the key (if you did get the key). There are two guards standing here guarding the door you just came through and another locked door next to it. I walked out of the shrine and picked the lock of the other door. Now here's the strange part. Nothing from the guards. I'm not sure whether this is because I used a spell to pick the lock or because they don't care. When I tried picking the lock with a character that had walked down the stairs, instead of coming in through the secret door, they attacked me immediately. Anyway, I opened the door and went inside, closing it behind me. In a locked chest on top of the dresser (lock level 20) is the gauntlet you are looking for. When you take it back to Ahnassi, she'll decide that it's too valuable to give away and tells you to keep it for yourself.

    At this point, Ahnassi's only care is that she'd miss you if you didn't come back to visit her. At least I think that's it. If you know of something else, let me know and I'll add it here and give you credit. Send all the details that you have to:

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