All of the sites listed on this page are related to the CRPG Morrowind in one way or another. If you want to see your name added to this listing, please send me an e-mail message at: By the way, listing are alphabetical to avoid giving preference to any one of these excellent sites.

Aldrien's Chalice - This is one of my favorite Morrowind sites because all of the people who frequent the site are friendly. The bantering is friendly and not abusive and you don't see messages complaining about all the newbies.

Destination Morrowind - This is site has lots of stuff here. You'll find reviews, developer interviews, chat transcripts and another excellent source of plugins and user-created models and textures that you can use (please remember to give credit) in your own plugins.

House of Ral-Jiktar - Ral-Jiktar is a female Argonian and a fellow member of the Aldrien's Chalice Forums. There's lots of good role-playing stuff here, like Ral-Jiktar's life story. I particularly like the pictures of her armor collection. Be sure to check out Ral-Jiktar's Morrowind plug-in so you can meet her at Ghostgate.

Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls III - This is the official web site for the game. I read and post in the official forum too, but I find that the regulars are more impatient with newcomers than the folks at Aldrien's Chalice. On the other hand, since there are definitely more members, it's a good place to look if you can find something your looking for elsewhere.

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