Nimue's Journal - Introduction

NOTE: The information in this section certainly contains spoilers, but it isn't necessarily a "walkthrough" in that it describes the experiences of one particular character, Nimue, an Imperial Knight. In addition, people's conversations and actions have been rewritten in many cases to make them more interesting. There won't be any talk of stats or levels. If you're looking for a good story, read on. If you're looking for help with a quest, try the walkthrough section instead.

The picture to the left is Nimue, but certainly not as she was when she started out! She is wearing mostly ebony armor, but her cuirass is the Lord's mail that she took from a nasty individual in the caverns underneath Ebonheart. I'll tell you about it later, I promise.

The Journey
I'm still not quite sure what happened. I was imprisoned (unjustly I might add) in the Imperial City. I realize that most people who are in prison claim to be there unjustly, but in my case it's actually true. I was minding my own business, not hurting anybody, when I was suddenly arrested. Nobody would explain why. I never had a trial, I was just thrown into the Imperial Prison.

Before that, I was a Knight in the Emperor's service. I traveled far and wide on at the Emperor's behest. I killed evil creatures, sought out treasure and generally made myself useful to those in need whether it was wiping out a nest of werewolves or accompanying a merchant on his trip to make sure he wasn't beset by bandits. I never took anything that didn't belong to me, unless it belonged to someone evil, and I never killed without provocation.

I lay in prison, alone and unremembered, until just as suddenly and with just as little explanation, I was taken and put on a ship. The journey didn't last long, although I couldn't tell you for sure how long. I spent most of the trip in a fitful half-waking, half-sleeping state. I had several horrible nightmares that I can't even remember. In one that tickles the edge of my consciousness I was addressed by a voice that told me I had been chosen, but not for what.

When I woke up this morning I realized that the ship had docked. The Dunmer who shared my place in the hold, Jiub by name, tells me that I have arrived in a place called Morrowind. I've seen maps of the Empire and always thought Morrowind looked truly desolate and uninviting. Guess I'm going to find out now. I being here is better than being in prison, but how much better? In stark contrast to the guard who arrived take me on deck, Jiub, was quite kind and concerned. So much for friendship among Imperials!

After a great deal of nosiness I was given 87 gold pieces and a package of papers by a man named Sellus Gravius. He said I should deliver the papers to a man named Caius Cosades in Balmora. Snotty fellow that Sellus Gravious. He had the nerve to warn me that if I tried to open the package and read the information I'd be punished! While I understand that my background is less than spotless, I never steal and I always uphold the law; even though the law hasn't always returned the favor. Oh well... maybe I'll get around to delivering this package after I've explored a bit and gotten my bearings. Clearly I am on an adventure and it's about to begin.

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