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Welcome to Nimue's Grotto, located just outside the city of Vivec. My name is Nimue and I have lived here in Vvardenfell for many years. I've watched people come and go, and I've learned a lot about the place. I am gathering all of this information can into my library. If you haven't guessed by now, this site is dedicated to the wonderful and wonderfully addicting CRPG Morrowind, created by Bethesda Softworks.

Please browse and enjoy yourself. I am working on several sections right now and have created a new character so I can perform the various quest fresh and write the descriptions down accurately. Oh, and while you're here, please sign our Guestbook!

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This is just a rough description of what I plan on including here. If you have ideas, please send them to and if I use your idea, I'll give you credit.

  • What's New - A quick list of what's been added or changed on this site.
  • Cities - A city by city description of anything else that I think you'd be interested in seeing, including what you can buy, interesting NPCs, and links to quest walkthroughs.
  • Quests - These are the actual walkthroughs, arranged by guild and house.
  • Books - There are tons of books to be found around Vvardenfell. While they are fun to read for information, which of them enhances your skills? Here is a listing of the books I've found. For each book that enhances skills, I've listed the skill that is enhanced.
  • Books - An alphabetical listing of the books I have found in my travels around Morrowind. I have not included the text, but I have listed what skills are enhanced by which books.
  • Nimue's Journal - Tales of my many travels. Now that I've retired from active adventuring, I've become something of a bard. Stop by for the latest and greatest. *WARNING* If you don't want to see spoilers then wait until you've finished the game to read my journal.
  • Links - Other sites for Morrowind fans. Want to list your site here? Send me the URL and I'll take a look. If it's really related to Morrowind in some way, I'll add you the next time I do an update.

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