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Nimue's Journal - Day 2

17 Last Seed
When I woke up the next morning, I decided to do a bit more exploring. Maybe I'd venture a little bit further out into the countryside, but I didn't think I was really ready to leave Seyda Neen yet. After a quick bite of bread, I went out to see what I could see.

I crossed the bridge at the edge of town and decided to follow the road a little way and see what was over the next hill. Everything seemed peaceful enough. At least I wasn't attacked by anything. I saw some weird looking little bugs walking around and tapping the ground with their heads. I pulled my sword, but they didn't seem the least bit interested in me or anything else but pounding their heads into the ground. Wonder what they're up to?

The road meandered on, between more of those slimy green pools. There's plenty of plants and things that look like they'd be good for potion making. Have to check them out. I picked a few things, but I was afraid to eat them. My Alchemy skill isn't the best and I sure don't want to eat the wrong thing. Who knows how long I'd lie here before someone found me. I haven't seen a soul since I got beyond the outskirts of the town.

Suddenly, I heard the most horrifying noise you can imagine. I glanced up and saw someone falling from the sky. I ran as fast as I could, but I don't know what I thought I was going to do. Certainly no way I'd want to try to catch someone falling that fast. Anyway, before I could get to him, the man landed and staggered a couple of times, then fell to the ground. As I feared, he was dead. I examined his possessions and found that he was a magic user name Tarhiel. His journal told the story of how he'd come up with a spell that would improve one's jumping ability so much that he'd be able to jump miles at a time. Apparently there are still a few bugs in the system. Fortunately for me, he had a really nice long sword. He wouldn't be needing his things any more, so I helped myself to everything. Then I gave the body a proper burial and headed back to town to see get myself some lunch.

The robe wasn't blood stained or anything, so I put it on. When I examined the sword, I could see that it was magical from the slight glow. I equipped it, slipping my iron sword into the sheath on my back. I swiped the air a couple of times to see what kind of balance it had. Sweet. It handled as though it weighed nothing.

Just as I was getting close to town, I had a chance to use my new blade. A worm-looking thing came bounding across the grass and attacked me. I sliced at it with my blade and just as I hit it, a bolt of lighting sprang from the tip of the blade and electrocuted the thing. Nice! Even better than I thought. I promised myself that I would get rid of the other sword as soon as I got to town.

Today was certainly a day for discoveries. Right after fighting with the worm, I wandered out onto a small spit of land and found another body. I'm beginning to think the life expectancy here must be pretty low. I examined the body and realized that this must be the missing tax collector that the people in town have all been chattering about. He certainly wasn't killed by bandits, even though everybody talks about bandits and smugglers hiding out nearby. He had 200 gold on him and the scroll that listed who owed what. I took the gold and the scroll and headed right back to town.

Nobody seemed to be terribly upset by his death, but they all suggested that I should talk to Socucius Ergalla in the Customs House. He seemed to be a little more interested, although at first he seemed to be more concerned about whether he had any gold on him than the fact that the poor man was dead. Once he had the gold in his hand, however, he commended me for my honesty and suggested that if I were to find the murderer and bring him to justice, I would get 500 gold pieces and his gratitude.

I started asking around town if anybody knew who might have been with him last. As usual, nobody seemed to know anything. They all shrugged and reminded me that Processus was not particularly well liked by anybody but my old friend Thavere from the lighthouse. She was terribly upset when she heard the news. With tears in her eyes, she said that Processus had been kind and never got angry, except...

When I prompted her a little bit she admitted that she had seen Processus get angry at Foryn Gilnith. Seems that Foryn had accused Processus of siphoning money off the top to support his profligate lifestyle.

Thavere was eager to give me directions to Foryn's hut. "Talk to Foryn," she said through her tears. "I'm sure he must be the one who did it. He's always bragging about how strong he is."

Now isn't that just what I need? Please the gods that he be a braggart. As I was going out the door, she called after me, "If you find Processus' ring, would you bring it back to me? I gave it to him and it's all I'll have to remember him by." I promised.

Foryn's hut wasn't hard to find. I listened at the door for a moment and could hear movement from within, so apparently Foryn was at home. I gulped down a health potion and another that would fortify my strength. Hand firmly on my sword, I tapped on the door.

"Come in!" The voice was gruff and not terribly friendly. Taking a deep breath, I went inside. Foryn didn't look terribly formidable. He was a Dunmer, naked to the waist and, from what I could see, he was unarmed. That was comforting. When I asked him about Processus he seemed almost proud to tell me that he had indeed killed him. "But he deserved it," he said. "Processus kept a little of everything he collected for himself."

"That doesn't excuse what you've done. Murder is murder and you have to be punished."

"N-wah!" he cried and leapt forward to hit me a solid smack right in the chest. He might be unarmored, but he sure hit hard. I staggered back, pulling my sword as I did so. He pounded away, dancing around me, landing more blows than he should have been able to do. Luckily for me, I hit him a couple of good solid smacks. A regular sword might not have done enough damage to save me. If it wasn't for the sparks, I might have ended my quest right there in Foryn's filthy little hut. I was getting tired rapidly from the constant beating. When I hit him one final time and he collapsed like a sack of flour. I searched the body and found what must have been Processus' ring. Slipping it onto my hand for safe keeping, I went back to the Customs Office.

Socucius was as good as his word. He gave me 500 gold setpims and thanked me profusely. By this time, it was late afternoon. I'd have just enough time to take Thavere the ring and do a little shopping before getting a room for the night. She was pleased to have the ring, although she was still sad over losing her love. She gave me two health potions for my trouble and told me that since Foryn was dead, I could use his hut to rest in whenever I was in town.

Arrille was happy to buy the sword back from me, and had lots of things to show me. I bought myself a new skirt and got rid of the robe. When he whispered to me that he had spells for sale, I bought a few healing spells and a couple of defensive, well offensive spells as well.

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. I went back to my hut and lay back in my hammock to write down the day's activities. By the time I was done, I was nearly asleep. I blew out the candles and went to sleep immediately.

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