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Pelagiad is north of Seyda Neen and is along the road to Balmora. Although Pelagiad looks like a more developed town, it is still quite rural. There is an inn here, however, and you can actually find a place to spend the night. I found it rather interesting that most of the private houses had trapdoors leading to underground storage. None of them seemed to be locked, however.

You can join the Imperial Cult at Fort Pelagiad, but you'll need to go to Ebonheart for orders. The Imperial Legion is here too, but you can't join here.

Pelagiad Merchants

  • Drelasa Remothran (Halfway Tavern) sells potions and alchemical ingredients

  • Ladia Flarugrius (Upstairs Halfway Tavern) only sells to thieves. Despite the fact that she has barter on her services menu, she has nothing to sell and only 250 gold in her purse. Don't know what she buys.
  • Uulernil: Armorer (Across from Halfway Tavern) sells armor (of course) and weapons. He didn't have any magical pieces when I was there for the first time.
  • Mebestian Ence: Trader (To the right of Uulernil) sells a little bit of everything. He has armor, weapons, clothing, potions, alchemical ingredients, and household goods.
  • Shadbak gra-Burbug (Fort Pelagiad) Has a limited selection of armor and weapons. Also does repairs and sells armorer's hammer and prongs.
  • Ygfa (Fort Pelagiad) Sells potions, alchemical ingredients, and protective, restorative, and healing spells.

Pelagiad Trainers

  • Ahnassi (Halfway Tavern) Only trains thieves. Acrobatic, Sneak, Hand-to-Hand

  • Nels Lendo (Halfway Tavern) If you met Nels Lendo and gave him the 50 gold (for male characters) or kissed him (for female characters) he'll be in the Halfway Tavern where he'll train you in Short Blade, Security, and Sneak. I'm not sure if his training is limited to thieves, because I haven't tried him with a non-thief character yet.

  • Ladia Flarugrius (Upstairs Halfway Tavern) Only trains thieves. Mercantile, Speechcraft, Athletics

Pelagiad Quests

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